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ی   12.06.2018


یی 6 2009


ی ی ی .( ی )           

Zionist accusation

Dedicated to all the workers of the world

Goyim and non-Goyim!

You don't have to be a Jewto be a Zionist

anywhere on the earth

a monopolistbrutal capitalist

can get consent

as a Zionist

nationality and religion

are not essential factors

if you are

a true supporter of the imperialists

we all sawHosni Mubarak opening the gates

a true ally

also is consideredas a Zionist

don't be surprised when I say

Pinochet was a Zionist

he was trained in the dictators' academy of US Zionists

and he was in full service of US imperialists

a mass murderera brutal capitalist

what else could he be then but a Zionist?

all the past and present, Arab leaders

the allies and servers of imperialists

all are definedas the Zionists

Jews were misused by the Zionists

with the goal of occupying Palestinian lands

as colonies

they owned and tied

the Jews free working hands

they made glorious dreams

to deceive Jews

to displace and to enslave Jews

The question was where?

Palestineor Argentina?

then rose a deepdominant rough voice

no nonot Argentina

Palestinenear black gold mines

is the real golden choice

 Zionists needing masses

to occupy and to fill the land

began propaganda

a land without people ... for a people without a land

with an excusea state for the Jew

mischievous was clear only for the few

but was the Palestine

a land without people?!

a unique trap,

establishment of new colonies

cheating peopletelling lies

as God has given them the land

hopingthe truth

will never reach a hand


has giving themthe land!


simple Jewish workers

were cheated

leaving their homesleaving their lands

giving their children

as cheap free soldiers

to be trained as murderers

giving their livesas new slaves

for the greed of the Zionists

sly minded dirty colonialists

purehealthy and brave a Jewish farmer's son

from where

he planted golden wheat

was deceived and moved

to be a killerbrutal bulldozer driver

dishonored harsh maniac

transformed in to robot monster

for the demands of the US colonialists

spider network of the imperialists

 the difference


destruction deep inside themselves

being misused as winded up puppets and tools

the most awful crime of all

fooling menmisusing men

bringing upa nation

acquaintedwith blood

approving murderers

believing the killers


the number of votes for killers

in the recent election

after the last massacre

just look at the decline

and the true masses corruption

and think

how deepman can sink

brains washed outby the Nazi Zionists

Sly mind of colonialist imperialists

young Jewish worker's mother

witnessing changesthe most ugly deformation

drowned in deep blues

nothing as suchdreaming land

the ha-ha land Israel

living there isa real fish bone

stuck in her throatchoking her

many worker Jews

in that trapbitterly lived in anger

for being late

in grasping facts

believing acts

no money to leave

no chance of getting out of this deceitful land

the Ha-ha land Israel

no chance of prosecutioncondemning of Zionists

for dishonest displacements

for being misused

for ruining and wasting their lives

blocked roads when returning home

blowing wind brings their sorrows

enormous sighs with regrets

throughout each winter

the sadness of eternal leave

bitter so remorseful and rueful

among snow drops of death

with two eyesbehind their heads

wide open

looking at far

dreams of home looking at home

but no legsfor returning home

deceived and fooledenslaved

were brought in strangers' land

to kill men with their hand

bread soaked in blood for good

to live as murderer...for good

to raise the absurd gloomy lie

Israelthe Ha-ha land

to end in stranger's land

buried in strangers' soil


the Jewish laborer enslaved cheated son

lost hope lost homelost love

in full aggression

in strokes of hatred

against him

raised from the hearts in the world

for killing people in their homein their land

no honor no hope. no respect

believingthe lie!

of a God- given land!

being slavebeing part of machine of aggression

with gunsas parts of hands

to expandspreadso long as one century

the Ha-ha land Israel

by constantly killing people

to save patronsbreaking children's skull

raping Arab females

before their last look at life

disgusting killing games with men

to rescue their lives

making mendrink their own urine

repulsive... humiliating men

in last minutes of life

then finish their lives

not letting them go

looking for them everywhere

killing them and killing them so

is near one century of this tragic show

registered history


brought up by the selfish Zionist

the ancient avaricioustoday imperialist

here by

I Farah Notash

cry in my loudest voice for justice

in the public worlds human court

for prosecution and closing up

the corrupted sick murderers' school of Zionists

the damned network of the imperialists

not only for killing and torturing

the most exploitedoppressed nation

of history

Palestiniansin the recent century

With the only fault of living

in their own homes and land

but alsofor deceivingdisplacing

all Jews from their homelands

enslaving Jewish working-class children

and deforming them

from humans to monsters

to maniacs to horror killer robots

I am dead sure,

they sufferedin their bodies as cage

when they relive in their minds

the pictures of last minutes of lives

finishedin their hands

the victims' last looks in their eyes

and cryfor letting them go

the redness and warmness of their blood

on their murderer hands

never leaves their inside

never gives them peace

they were dragged in the alleys of life

with dreadful sickness

those slavedpoorlonely maniacs

never dared

looking at selfin a mirror

so lonelyin their illusions and horrors

suffered with painof what they had to do

and what they had done

Just thinkand look

at their inside

at one century long

mixture of nations

in common an acquaintance with blood

for a single crime case

much punishment considered

in each land

butfor endless crimes in onenone!

one centuryfree killing of one nation

in their landin their homes

thenname this irrigated bloody land

a holy land!

quakes and shakes earth

with this enormousocean -like

Zionist Israeli criminal case

in the underground prisons


breath-taking in numbers

dreadful torturing

with advanced invented torturing tools

testingto find the result of each

in breaking the resistance of masses

prisonersare not political activists

normal living people

stolen in day-light from the streetsimprisoned

tortured and then killed

their faultis living in Palestine

in their home and their land

massacresin great numbersin one century


masses of world hate the Zionists

ugliest imperialists


running for years now

no lightno purified waternonono nothing

is the earth's largestbleeding prison

with the longestand highest wall ever

with holescalled check points

going to work and school

through the check points' guns

being indifferentneutral

and letting all this injustice

happen on earth?!

what we need is

a united red volcanoes eruption

flowing in lines

to put an end to Nazi Zionists

and to the anti -masses imperialists

on earth

living stilland gazing


what are we?

human beings?

dumb looking and not saying stop

no rushto raise a hand

nearly gone one century

with all tricks of mediasby Zionists

all united murderersimperialists

who are we then?

let us stop

this flimsyfalse life

we are responsiblefor all the killings as well

by being indifferentsilentneutral

against the despoticracist Zionists

A respectable, farmer, workerproducerconstructer

have become compound killers

misused as shields as shelters

by deceptive Zionist colonialists

behind the word Semite

yetZionists are not Semites

white skinnedEuropean races

are anti massesanti working class

Anti-Arab and all the other races

and they are the real Anti-Semites

the ugliest woman of historyon earth

masklessfemale Zionist

Golda MeirHa-ha land's Prime minister 1969

announced it loud

kill them all

Arabs are worse than animals


killing animalsis also deemed a crime

when the imperialist Churchill

pointed raising a state

will take some generations

he gave the hint give them breaks

in betweenmassacre of Arab races

slow progression!

if Theodor Herzl could see

the hatefuldisgraced state

founded on his crazy thinking

a nation century long

in blood sinking


brought up murderer nation

in 1896would had burned

the modern Zionist thesis

andwould have asked the Jews

to leave at once Palestine

and forget

the Israelthe Ha-ha land

the Nazi Zionist land

Judaism is not a nation. It is a religion.

Marx:  Religion is opium of the masses

Time we stood up against all the lashes

Farah Notash

Vienna March 2009

Poem Book 6


 In Hebrew the non-Jewish are called Goyim

ی ϡ